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Access to the holiday park must be authorized by the Management, upon delivery of the identity document of each individual person. Customers with flat rate contracts are required to declare arrivals and departures to the Management.

access to minors is prohibited, unless accompanied by an adult who is legally responsible for them.

DAILY GUESTS (visitors)
Daily guests are admitted only if authorized by the Management and upon delivery of the identity document. the customer is obliged to register his guest, if he has not already done so. If the stay lasts for more than two hours, the daily rate will be applied, as per the price list. Visitors can only enter on foot.

the circulation of vehicles inside the accommodation is prohibited, except for the transport of caravans and / or tents, in this case the maximum speed allowed is 5 km / h.

The entry of dogs is allowed at the discretion of the Management and after completing the appropriate personal data sheet. Dogs must always be kept on a leash, in compliance with the relevant legal regulations and accompanied out of the holiday park for their needs. it is absolutely forbidden to take the dog to any structure of the holiday park (bar, market, toilets, etc.). it is also forbidden to use the bathrooms for the grooming of the animal. The owner must clean where the dog has soiled and make sure that his pet does not disturb third parties. Compensation for any damage caused by the dog will be paid by the owner. The Management declines all responsibility. In the structures temporarily anchored to the ground, set up by the management and made available to tourists without their own means of accommodation, the entry of animals is not allowed.


The assignment of the pitch is up to the Management and it is strictly forbidden to occupy a pitch other than the one assigned. All pitches are equipped with water and electricity connections.

In the pitches, a mobile means of accommodation may be installed (provided that it is regularly registered and possesses the requirements of a “vehicle” pursuant to the current Highway Code) with the relative accessories, i.e. caravans or campers with a veranda and kitchenette in canvas, or tents or curtain trolleys. For accessories, other materials are also allowed where they comply with current legislation. For greater clarity, it is specified that rigid verandas can also be installed on the pitches as long as:

– structures temporarily anchored to the ground, removable and complementary to the vehicles themselves, without prejudice to the greater importance of the means of accommodation for the purposes of the tourist stay;

– with dimensions smaller than the mobile means of accommodation, which must represent the main building, the size of the veranda must be calculated in relation to the length of the mobile means of accommodation, including the rudder, as reported in the registration certificate;

– without the toilet inside them.

As for the rigid kitchenettes, they must consist of a small artifact without building characters, intended to contain the stoves, dishes and foodstuffs of daily use by the camper;

The support frames for the shading tarps can be installed as long as they have the characteristics of easy removal, are temporarily anchored to the ground and complementary to the means of accommodation;

Failure to comply with the aforementioned requirements by the assignee of the pitch will constitute a reason for the immediate termination of the contract itself.

The pitches must be kept decently clean and tidy during the stay and in the same way they must be returned on departure.

The use of the electrical system is at the sole risk of the user, who is also responsible for it towards third parties. For the connection to the electrical socket of the columns present in the campsite, it is mandatory that the cable and system comply with CE standards, in particular the cable must not exceed the strictly necessary length and must be inserted in a special protective sheath. The electricity supply (220V) is limited to 4 Ampere. The column is equipped with a life saver. If the electricity supply is interrupted, please notify the Management. It is absolutely forbidden to open the doors, tamper with or modify the electrical connection columns, under penalty of immediate expulsion.

Campers are obliged to provide for the maintenance and control of the equipmentcooking ecchi, running on gas which must always be kept in excellent maintenance conditions. The gas pipes must be replaced periodically, taking into account the expiration date stamped on the pipe itself.

Paving the pitch with concrete tiles or any other material that does not allow the ground to breathe is absolutely forbidden.

The installation of toilets on the pitch is prohibited, even if equipped with a sanitrit shredder. The use of the chemical toilet, supplied in the caravans, is allowed.

It is forbidden to equip the pitch with tarpaulins and side awnings of any material, except for the street side.

It is strictly forbidden to cut and / or damage plants, shrubs or branches of existing vegetation. It is allowed to install shading sheets, supported by a special frame which must have a precarious nature and be easily removable. The maximum dimensions must be less than the area of ​​the pitch itself and maintain a minimum distance of 30 cm from the border or from the dividing plants.

When the holiday park closes, the pitches must be fully vacated. Customers will still be able to take advantage of the parking service on the pitch by carrying out the necessary operations and in particular by removing the tarpaulin from the support frame, disconnecting any electricity and water supplies and observing all suitable measures to guarantee the safety of their accessories. being responsible for any and all damage that may occur. However, the Management will not be responsible for any damage deriving from the failure to adopt the aforementioned precautions. At the end of the storage operations the pitch must be clean and in perfect order.


The water supplied is drinkable in accordance with the laws in force. It is absolutely forbidden to use water for improper uses. The use is allowed for primary uses only: personal hygiene, cooking, washing dishes and clothes. Campers are invited to avoid any form of waste.

It is possible to use the drinking fountain, installed near the commercial premises, for the supply of fresh, still and sparkling water, with coins or through a special card, which can be purchased from the Management.

The use of washing machines on the pitch is prohibited. Coin-operated washing machines are available at the toilets. Soap and tokens can be purchased from the Management.

The silence time is from 13.30 to 15.30 and from 24.00 to 07.00. During this time, arrivals and departures, assembly or disassembly of structures and other activities that could disturb the peace are not allowed.

Games and sports activities are allowed in the designated areas. These activities are prohibited in the pitches even if not occupied and in the streets of the holiday park.

Adults are responsible for the behavior of their children. Children must be accompanied to toilets, games, etc., by an adult.

Messages and inboxes are reported on the bulletin board. Incoming correspondence can only be collected by adults, the storage period is 7 days, after which, in the absence of collection, it will be returned to the sender. For outgoing mail there is a special box near the Management.

For the elimination of waste it is mandatory to use plastic bags, to be deposited in the appropriate containers, taking care to differentiate the following materials: organic: remains of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, tea or coffee grounds, foliage, flowers, food deteriorated, eggshells (no liquid waste and pet bedding); the special containers and bags distributed at the Management can be used; multi-material: glass, plastic bottles, cans and tins, polyethylene films and containers, PVC or polystyrene trays, empty detergent containers (no plastic cutlery and plates, ceramic and terracotta objects); paper and cardboard: newspapers, magazines, books, cardboard in pieces and sheets (no tetrapak and dirty paper); used vegetable oils: edible oils used for cooking and frying, residual oils from canned products or in oil. It is possible to collect the special can at the reception to collect the oil. When it is full, it must be emptied into the container of the ecological island, near the Management; exhausted batteries: to be placed in the special container on the islandecological, close to the Management; expired medicines: they must be delivered to the special containers located in pharmacies; undifferentiated: milk containers, DVDs, CDs, pens, pet litter, diapers and, in general, everything that cannot be recycled (no flammable substances, pruning waste, inert, ferrous and bulky materials, for which it is necessary to contact to the Management). The guest must arrange at his own expense for the disposal of special waste, or in any case, not suitable for separate collection in the accommodation facility.

In the bathrooms, the use of showers and hot water is free. Guests are requested to leave the toilets in the conditions in which they would like to find them.

The guests of the pitches have at their disposal a parking space in the outdoor parking area, equipped with automatic barriers. The cards will be issued by the Management, with a deposit of € 10.00. Each pitch has the right to only one parking space.


Lighting fires outdoors; Barbecue on the entire area of ​​the holiday park, with the exception of areas specifically marked and equipped; Use and installation of gas boilers on the pitch; Pile up pine needles, eucalyptus leaves or anything else that could create a fire hazard, without promptly removing the material itself; Keep flammable materials on the pitch; Damage the vegetation; Pour on the ground: oil, fuels, boiling or waste liquids; Pour used oil, fuel and paint residues into the sewers; Keep radios or public address equipment in general at a high volume; Pulling ropes at eye level and anything else that may constitute a danger or hinder free passage. LIABILITY OF THEFT, DAMAGES AND CIVIL LIABILITY Each guest is required to keep their property. The Management is not responsible for any theft of objects and valuables not entrusted and accepted in custody, for damage caused by other guests, third parties, fortuitous events or force majeure, diseases or other causes not dependent on the negligence of the staff of the structure. Damages to persons or things deriving from the circulation of any type of vehicle are also excluded.

The Management reserves the right to remove from the holiday park those who, at its sole discretion, disturb the good progress of community life or who do not respect the rules of this regulation.


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