Via dei Cipressi, 11 Marina di Bibbona



The Camping is located in the middle of the “Costa degli Etruschi”, extended from Livorno to the promontory of Piombino. Marina di Bibbona is characterized by endless beaches of thin sand, the coastal dunes and the centuries-old pinewood, where is pleasant to relax, reading or chatting, comfortably seated in a bench, or training, walking or cycling along its tracks.

From the beach you can admire the “Forte”, the French fortress built in 1785 to patrol and defend from the pirates’ invasions. The “Forte” is the symbol of Marina di Bibbona, also known as “Marina del Forte”. The beaches coasted by an unpolluted sea, are partially equipped with bathing resorts and some are free, with 6 places ofdaily assistance to tourists. There’s also a “Bau Beach” for dogs, well equipped and full of comforts such as a water tank and other instruments.

In the close proximity of the camping the youngest can spend a nice time together with their parents in the brand new amusement park “Bibbolandia” opened in July 2013, where they will find many attractions like the jumping castle park, the small lake for bumper boats, jumping mats, mini-golf and more…

The cleanness of our sea was awarded by important prizes: the Blue Flag given by the FEE in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 and the 4 sails of Legambiente

In the hills, with an impressive sight on the sea, rise the ancient medieval village of Bibbona. In the historical centre we find the Castle of Bibbona, enclosed by imposing walls and the Church of Sant’Ilario, dated back to the 1482, located at the bottom of the Castle of Bibbona and built to hold the Madonna’s image, to whom are attributed a lot of miracles and to whom the poet Girolamo Savonarola dedicated a poem. The particular Latin epigraph on the façade “This is a terrible place” ( biblical citation), and the Greek cross’ plant recalling the Church of Santo Sepolcro in Gerusalemme, are still today at the centre of attention of studies and researches, which seem to lead to the great artist Leonardo da Vinci, as one of the designer of the church….


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